I’ve thought hard and long about what to say too you; how to persuade you; how to engrave in you the possibilities of what you can be.
— Dinah Thomas

Welcome to Hazy Promotions! A promotional artist blog dedicated to you! Built by Poet, Songwriter Dinah Thomas aka Jenia Sunflower BKA Hazy, Hazy Promotions was established in 2016 to help service independent artist looking to network and work with other creatives in the artist world. Hazy Promotions was established as a source of connection between artist and director. Currently based in NYC Hazy Promotions work with other promotional teams as well as organizations, foundations and LLCs to bring informational panels, events, fashion, and more.

Check out the Creative Direction page to stay updated on the latest features underlining independent fashion lines, our Creative Outlet podcast and informational panels. Creative Direction also features an Artist Appreciation page, and a Freelance Photographers section. Giving you more when it comes to getting creative. Visit Hazy’s Galaxy to meet the founder and curator of Hazy Promotions. Read her bio and her purpose for establishing Hazy Promotions. Explore her articles, poetry, and even music that she has created in a form to express herself freely. Catch highlights and video clips from her performances, podcast, and meet up group Creative Outlet.

Looking to work with other artist and directors on your next project? Visit our Directory page for names and contacts of independent artist and Directors near you. Didn't find what you were looking for? Scroll down on our Directory page for our quick FAQs.

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